Studio Twenty Two is happy to accept most commissions. Clients often who are interested in commissions approach Studio Twenty Two asking for a replication of another piece, an specific idea of what they would like, or a request for a piece in a certain colour scheme. If you are interested in a commission here are some conditions for your consideration;

- I can’t replicate any of my previous previous pieces but will be happy to know which of my pieces you like and have inspired you. A commissioned piece will be striking and unique, however I will work using a similar style and colour scheme.

- There is no obligation to buy a commissioned piece if you are not 100% happy with it. Art is an expensive investment and unless my client is 100% happy I don’t believe it should hang in your home or office.

- I charge the same price for a commission as I do for any of my other pieces. Pricing is based on the size of a the canvas. Payment is due upon completion, customer satisfaction and delivery.

- Commissioned work by takes longer to complete and therefore the timeline for completion of your requested piece is 4-6 weeks, that being said I will do my best to meet any deadlines you may have.

If you are interest in a commissioned piece, please provide me with your size preference, colour scheme, inspirations and ideas and I will happy to work with you in creating a striking and unique piece of art.

The first piece is a piece I produced for a charity auction benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the second piece is a commission requested by a client who was inspired by the first piece. The same colour scheme and style were used for both pieces.and ideas and I will happy to work with you in creating a striking and unique piece of art.

A client approached me about doing a commission of a four leaf clover. The image on the left is what the client provided as their inspiration. I produced their commission using my unique style to give the client a piece they now proudly hang in their home.

A client commissioned this piece. Their only request was a black background, with a warm burst of orange, yellow, copper and gold.