About the Artist


I've always had a taste for the 'arts'. As a child I created a comic strip, I was in a rock band and toured the country, and I've been in several movies as an actor, including a couple of major motion pictures. It seems like now I've found my love in painting. 

My art is primarily in acrylic paint, and I often use dark colours in combinations like reds, oranges, rust and copper, and other times blues, whites and silver. 

I paint in somewhat aggressive movements, yet depending on my music selection, it can also be quite methodical and intentional.  

Some see a darkness in my work, yet others feel a spirituality.  Both are correct in their own right, and sometimes I feel that 18 years as a first responder has brought that darkness, evil and sorrow to the surface.  In general, I am a positive and happy person...so maybe this is my 'outlet', my 'therapy'?

I love that my friends, my family, and my 'fans' all have different interpretations of my work, and each can see a small part of my soul in the colours, textures and abstracts.


Jeffrey Simpson was born in 1968 and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where he presently resides and works. His passion for art has been with him since childhood.

For a short time from 1987-89 Jeff was with the Canadian military and on leaving the military became a member of a local rock band, touring across the country under his pseudonym "Stinger".

In the ensuing years, Jeff put aside his artistic passion and creative energy for a time, choosing to focus on his career and building a family.

The inspiration and rejuvenation that came in 2006 led Jeff to resurrect his artistic ability. This in turn led to a new form of expression, different than that of his previous art forms.

Jeff's art is primarily abstract and uses a unique balance of movement, color, texture and energy. He usually paints with dark colors and in some of his paintings overrides and dominates the painting with an impactful or powerful word that leaves the observer with a very strong and direct impression on first viewing his painting. Jeff is primarily an acrylic painter.

Jeff's spirituality impacts his art. Some have observed that they feel Jeff's 18 years working as a First Responder with the City of Ottawa has had an impact on his paintings. At a glance it reflects some of the darkness he has seen in his profession, while on further reflection shows through a strength and determination that strongly represents the fearlessness of his personality.

Jeff presently paints out of his home studio (StudioTwentyTwo) in Ottawa.